How to improve your chances of recovering a lost Android phone (oem)

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Password-protecting your smartphone makes sense, as it prevents unauthorized users from accessing your data.

But it can also work against you. Suppose, for example, your phone gets lost. If a Good Samaritan finds it and wants to return it, he or she won’t be able to do the necessary detective work. (And it’s not like you’d want them poking around your data anyway.)

Fortunately, Android 4.0 offers a solution in the form of lock-screen contact information, which will display the message of your choosing even on a passcode-protected device. Here’s how to set this up:

1. On your Android phone, head to Settings, then look for an entry called Lock Screen. (I found this under the Personal section on my Samsung Galaxy S3; on your phone it might be under Security or somewhere similar.)

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Ts Street Charge Provides Free Power For Your Smartphone

AT&T kicked off their Street Charge program today, opening solar-powered public charging stations across New Yorks five boroughs. The Street Charge program grew out of the aftermath Hurricane Sandy, which devastated a huge chunk of the East Coast last fall. Many New Yorkers were left without power, and when their smartphones died, they had no way to contact loved ones.

The Street Charge stations have a variety of connectors to accommodate most smartphones, including USB, Micro USB, 30-pin, and lightning connectors. They draw power from solar panels at the base of the kiosk and store it in lithium batteries at the top, continuing to deliver power throughout the night. Goal Zero, a leading provider of creative solar power solutions, worked with AT&T to develop the design.

Power efficient processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon have led the charge in extending battery life, but batteries still have physical limits. For travelers especially, public charging stations will be essential for staying connected.

According to AT&Ts press release , the power is free to the public as part of an effort to keep New Yorkers connected. This isnt the first time AT&T has forged a path on behalf of smartphone users. In NYC, they were one of the first companies to provide cellular service on subway platforms, and they also provide free WiFi at more than two dozen public parks in the region.

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5 Great Android Apps for Cloud Admins

5 Great Android Apps for Cloud Admins

If you administer cloud servers or services, such as those from Amazon Web Services or Rackspace, you might be relieved to learn that you don’t need access to a notebook or desktop PC to perform routine administrative tasks.

Install one of these five apps–AWS Console, Android AWS Manager, Decaf Amazon EC2 Client, Rackspace, or ConnectBot–on your Android phone or tablet, and you can manage your cloud infrastructure from anyplace where you can access the Internet.

The first three apps are compatible with AWS, the fourth can be used with Rackspace, and the fifth is a Secure Shell client that’s compatible with any cloud host.

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