(Tablet accessories) Sticking to business can help Lenovo smartphones shine in the U.S.

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Lenovo may be the only major PC maker to weather the disastrous first quarter with nary a decline in shipments , but success isn’t earned by sitting flat on your heels. While the rest of the industry scrambles to stem the PC bleeding, Lenovo’s brass is busy planning an audacious expansion into the U.S. smartphone arena in the next year.

“Smartphones are our new opportunity,” Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing told the Wall Street Journal . “As a public company you always have to consider how to grow.”

Indeed, while Lenovo’s PC sales were flat, its smartphone sales were up a whopping 206 percent year-over-year in last quarter, thanks to the company’s strong showing in Asian markets. Now, Lenovo is looking to go west, young manwhere it will no doubt slam headfirst into the dominating duo of Apple and Samsung.

Mighty companies have struggled to conquer this particular two-headed beast. HTC, RIM, Motorola, LG, and Nokia have all faltered in the face of iPhones and the Galaxy line. So how can Lenovo succeed where so many have failed?

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Best free stuff, 2013 edition: The techno traveler



The Techno Traveler

Whether youre traveling for business or vacationing with your family, its essential to keep tabs on flight times, rental car pickups, and hotel reservations. In the past, staying organized meant printing out a handful of pages before you hit the road. Now you can use a few smartphone apps and online services to keep your trip stress-free.

Best Free Stuff Travel Worldmate

Worldmate keeps your trip info organized in one place.

Once your travel details are on the books, keep all of your information organized with Worldmate , which is available on the Web and as an app for Android , iOS , and Windows Phone . Send reservations with major hotels, airlines, and car rental brands to trips@worldmate.com, and then use Worldmate to organize your itinerary and travel confirmation numbers. You can even get turn-by-turn directions. The app also features a personal travel assistant that alerts you to impending flights, as well as the days weather at your destination.

Speaking of personal assistants, you should give Google Now a whirl if you already have an Android device running Android 4.1 or newerthe feature is baked into your gadget. The search giants digital personal assistant gives you just in time information drawn from services such as Calendar, Gmail, and Google search.

Best Free Stuff Travel Google Now

Google Now alerts you about your flights status.

Google Now, which is also available for iOS, can alert you when a scheduled flight is nearingit even pulls up your digital boarding pass and offers information about the flights status and the weather at your destination. If you have reservations scheduled, Google Now on a GPS-enabled device can alert you to traffic conditions en route to the appointment, even recommending departure times for a prompt arrival. Event and reservation reminders, hotel directions, details about local attractions, and seamless currency conversionGoogle Now has almost everything a die-hard traveler could want.

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Mobile Device Management: Getting Started


Mobile Device Management: Getting Started


The rapid-fire spread of mobile devices being used by enterprise employees can be a huge boon for businesses in productivity and customer service gains, but those advantages don’t come without a price.

The inherent flexibility and freedom to get business done anywhere, anytime, also makes it much harder to maintain the security and control of corporate data when employees are accessing and storing business information on their smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. And the rush of new devices never seems to end, making it hard to stay out in front of innovations.

“Enterprises must plan now for the mobile devices of the future that they don’t even know of yet,” says Kevin Benedict, principal analyst at Netcentric Strategies LLC in Boise, Idaho. “So you build an infrastructure that says it doesn’t care what devices are on the end of it and you have a framework that you just plug into.”

Getting there isn’t easy, however. One approach that can make implementing a mobile workforce easier–or at least consistent–is through mobile device management (MDM) strategies that can help enterprises address all related mobile issues in a top-to-bottom approach.

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