Windows device sales aren’t meeting (pcb assembly) Microsoft’s expectations, Ballmer admits

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The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow, but Microsoft’s brass is reportedly owning up to its mistakes.

Both The Verge and Neowin say that in an internal Microsoft meeting this week, CEO Steve Ballmer and COO Kevin Turner were blunt in discussing some of the problems that have cropped up in the nine months since Windows 8 launched.

“We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to,” Ballmer admitted, according to The Verge, talking about the whole range of Windows-powered hardware, from phones to PCs to tablets.

Analyst numbers back up Ballmer’s stark reality: PC sales are hemorrhaging , Windows tablets have yet to get off the ground , and while Windows Phones snatched the third-place crown away from BlackBerry earlier this year, Android and iOS still account for more than 92 percent of all smartphone sales, according to the IDC research group. And nothing Windows RT-related is selling whatsoever .

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One Microsoft, all the time: What Ballmer

s newly unified vision could mean to you

One Microsoft, all the time.

They’re just five words, but those five words hold a universe of importance to Microsoft. Those five words prompted a sweeping revamp of Microsoft’s core organizational structure this morning: Newly vertical divisions were carved out, executives were shuffled, and some senior-level people even lost their jobs.

One Microsoft, all the time. It means a lot for Microsoft. What could it mean for you? If everything goes to Steve Ballmer’s grand plan, no less than a seamless computing experience across every device you own.

That grand plan envisions a truly unified OS experience across your phone, tablet, notebook, desktop PC, and TV. They all run the same apps, the settings are in all the same places, and your game saves carry over from console to computer and back again. Live tiles everywhere!

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Microsoft undergoes sweeping reorg for product focus

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer reorganized Microsoft, as expected, eliminating the “silos” of product groups and giving responsibility to key executives in charge of key technologies.

The goal, Ballmer said, was to eliminate goals by division and share technology and responsibilities across the company. While Microsoft’s moves are a business decision with the goal of making the company more responsive and decisive, the end goal of the company hasn’t changed, Ballmer said:

“Going forward, our strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most,” Ballmer said in a memo that was made public.

In the past, Microsoft organized its business around product groups, meaning that its mobile business, for example, was ultimately responsible for developing and fine-tuning the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems that powered third-party smartphones, while the Windows group oversaw the OS and apps for desktop and mobile PCs.

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